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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Online Fan Event Q&A - July 22nd

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THAT WHICH I LOVE DESTROYS ME hits Capitol Hill July 10th with Special Screening

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INSIDIOUS 3 Welcomes Dermot Mulroney to the Cast

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Academy Invites 271 New Members

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Sir Ben Kingsley Joins the Cast of THE JUNGLE BOOK

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Campaign Regulations Announced for 87th Annual Academy Awards

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    PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE - Movie Review
    WISH I WAS HERE - Movie Review
    AUDREY - Movie Review
    ROAD TO PALOMA - Movie Review

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    DANE COOK:  "I loved Jerry Lewis growing up" - Interview Feature
    BEN KETAI:  Digs Deep Into Our Fears with BENEATH - Exclusive Interview
    ROBERT STROMBERG: Makes Magic with MALEFICENT - Exclusive Interview

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    GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - "Meet the Guardians - Peter Quill" - Featurette
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    JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE - Trailer

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    Dusty delivers!  He dives, he swoops, he scoops, soaring into our hearts again!  PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE may be the epitome of the Disney themes of "friendship first" and "lend a helping hand", not to mention second chances, as aerial racing legend Dusty Crophopper takes his place in history as a SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker) joining the other brave members of the Piston Peak Air Attack Team in their battle of wildfires in the Southwest/West United States. 

    With returning old friends and new alike, PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE dazzles with technical achievement for animation effects with raging wildfires in one of our country’s beauteous national parks, employing stunning aerial design of not only Dusty but newcomers Blade Ranger, L’il Dipper and Windlifter, while creating memorable anthropomorphic characters that elevate the levels of sincerity and emotion. 

    PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE sizzles with eye-popping delights!




    Writer/Director Nicole Gomez Fisher is a new voice on the cinematic horizon.  With a background as an actress and stand-up comedienne, Gomez-Fisher now jumps behind the camera, making her feature film debut with the delightful, and delightfully funny, SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES. 

    A film that mirrors the tones of Moonstruck and City Island filled with embraceable characters and relatable familial situations that give a feeling of Ugly Betty for the big screen, FISHES boasts a stand-out cast with everyone from Priscilla Lopez and Gina Rodriguez to Ana Ortiz and Steven Strait, not to mention a breakout performance from the adorable Misha Seo, who makes her feature acting debut. - See more at:
    With DELIVER US FROM EVIL, one thing is certain - no one should ever deliver us from the genius that is director Scott Derrickson.  As he did with “Sinister”, Derrickson again not only dives headfirst into a world of demonology, rooted in centuries of faith, fact, fiction, but blends it with true stories inspired by NYPD Sgt. Ralph Sarchie's crime laden world of the Bronx’s 46th Precinct.

    Derrickson immerses us within the world of what most consider intangible primary evil, but imbues every fiber of our being with the experience.  It's as if the people, the events, the evil on screen is searing our minds, etching our skin.  Powerful is an understatement

    DELIVER US FROM EVIL is a fully sensory and terrifying experience capped off with a spellbinding performance by Edgar Ramirez.



    WISH I WAS HERE is an interesting film to come from Zach Braff as his sophomore feature, especially when we consider the cast is comprised of, among others, a flying monkey, a china doll and a talking snowman. 

     The last time we saw writer/director Braff was with his breakout feature, “Garden State” which dealt with family loss and thematics from the perspective of a 20-something mind.  Now, with WISH I WAS HERE, Braff takes a look at life, loss, family, mid-life crisis and responsibility through the eyes of a 35-year old.   And although there is an unevenness to the story in terms of thematic elements, Braff hits some emotional highs but  truly excels with not only his casting, but the technical elements and considerations, most notably Lawrence Sher’s cinematography.



    The single most important and powerful documentary of the year for all Americans is Ric Roman Waugh’s THAT WHICH I LOVE DESTROYS ME.   If you see only one documentary all year, make it this one. 

    Delivering a powerful, honest, eye-opening, and extremely humbling documentary on our returning veterans and the battlefield at home on which they fight the unseen enemies of PTSD and reintegration to societal norms, TWILDM hits home on all fronts. . . .

    From the Latin quotation, Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit, THAT WHICH I LOVE DESTROYS ME is the very definition of a soldier.  As Grey reflects, “If you love it, you do the job until it destroys you.”   Hopefully, through Waugh’s camera and the openness and honesty of Tyler Grey and Jayson Floyd, we as Americans can help our veterans change the  psychological emotional destruction of PTSD into a life of hope and inspiration.

    THAT WHICH I LOVE DESTROYS ME is the “Must See” film of the year.



    Adapted for the screen by Kelly Masterson and Bong Joon-Ho from the French graphic novel “Le Transpercenegie” and directed by Bong Joon-Ho, SNOWPIERCER is a post-apocalyptic thriller.  Earth is frozen beyond being capable of sustaining any life but thanks to the genius of one man, a rattling, clattering super-train now carries not only the last survivors of the human race, but life itself, endlessly circling the planet, just waiting for the day when the world will thaw and man can once again reclaim and rebuild the Earth.

    Implementing a class system within the physical structure of the train, delineating the “haves” from the “have-nots”, Director Bong delivers an electrifying, Oscar-worthy, visual stunner that will have you on the edge of your seat, fraught with white-knuckle tension, excitement and heart pounding action.

    SNOWPIERCER pierces the senses with Oscar-worthy stylization and performances while opening the eyes to a clarity of thought about the world around us.



    Creating an almost  “Easy Rider” vibe with ROAD TO PALOMA, as writer/first-time director/actor,  Jason Momoa dazzles with moody emotional depth and a stylized visual eye, delivering a film that is not only beautiful to look at but beautifully done. 

    ROAD TO PALOMA is so much more than a road picture or buddy picture.  This is a roadmap of life, inner peace and redemption.  I can’t wait to see where Momoa takes us next on film and with his own directorial journey.


    DANE COOK:  "I loved Jerry Lewis growing up"

    As the voice of Dusty Crophopper in Planes and now Planes: Fire & Rescue, Dane Cook fulfills the dreams of so many kids who, like himself, can’t contain their excitement on meeting or hearing the voice of their “hero” talking to them.  On meeting his young fans, Cook speaks to them as Dusty and watches smiles spread across their little faces, a joy that he knows all too well. 

    For Cook, who grew up listening “to comedy albums and then finally got to meet Bob Newhart and hear Bob Newhart’s voice talking to me”, the experience was unforgettable.  But it’s Jerry Lewis who is at the top of Dane Cook’s list.


    ROBERT STROMBERG Makes Magic with MALEFICENT - Exclusive 1:1

    Crossing the $200 million mark this weekend, MALEFICENT’s success proves that nobody does fairy tales better than Disney. And it’s thanks to the guiding eye of director Robert Stromberg that MALEFICENT is as magnificent as it is.

    Robert Stromberg and I have crossed paths countless times over the past almost 30 years both in and out of the production arena.   Seeing his work and watching his talents expand and grow over the years has been a privilege, so it’s always a joy to reconnect and catch up, but never moreso than now with this exclusive 1:1 interview as this is our first meeting where Bob is now a bonafide “director”; something I have long believed he was destined to do.


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