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Steve Coogan to play Boswell in film adaptation of BOSWELL FOR THE DEFENCE

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Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom Join Michael Apted's UNLOCKED

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Relativity acquires Halle Berry thriller KIDNAP for US distribution

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Venezuela names THE LIBERATOR as its Academy Awards submission

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Lotus Entertainment locks in sales on Tom Tkywer's A HOLOGRAM FOR A KING starring Tom Hanks

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Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn! TCM Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of GONE WITH THE WIND

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TCM: Alec Baldwin and Robert Osborne Present Pre-Code Classics Fridays in September!

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    151.  Thats the number of games the De La Salle High School Spartan football team won - consecutively.  Thats right.  In a row.  Without a loss.   A 12-year winning streak.  Its a record that will stand for the ages.  Its a record that no professional sports team, no college team, no other high school team, no Pop Warner or Little League team, no international team - in any sport - has even come close to touching.  And it was all done under the leadership of De La Salle head coach Bob Coach Lad Ladouceur and assistant coach/athletic director, Terry Eidson. 

    But before you think this is just another football or sports movie, think again.  WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is the story behind the story.  This is a story that is not only a character study of a man, but a character study of men;  how a man rises above the challenges of life, rises above adversity, meets life head on and moves on with strength, dignity and even, redemption.  In short, character counts.  And with WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL there is plenty of character, ethics and integrity to go around.




    Writer/Director Nicole Gomez Fisher is a new voice on the cinematic horizon.  With a background as an actress and stand-up comedienne, Gomez-Fisher now jumps behind the camera, making her feature film debut with the delightful, and delightfully funny, SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES. 

    A film that mirrors the tones of Moonstruck and City Island filled with embraceable characters and relatable familial situations that give a feeling of Ugly Betty for the big screen, FISHES boasts a stand-out cast with everyone from Priscilla Lopez and Gina Rodriguez to Ana Ortiz and Steven Strait, not to mention a breakout performance from the adorable Misha Seo, who makes her feature acting debut. - See more at:
    Tougher than Steele!  Better than Bond.  Brains over gadgets. It's Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan, as THE NOVEMBER MAN.  

    At the top of his game, Brosnan engages and entices with a mature intelligent sexiness that will have you begging for a film franchise based on the book series.  Bringing a seasoned meld of action and psychological intrigue that only comes with experience and maturity, THE NOVEMBER MAN is a riveting edge of your seat thriller!



    Filmmaking and storytelling that spring from old adages and morals, lensed within a single confined space to intensify the emotional palpability of the story with heightened sensory touchstones is what executive producers and co-stars Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba bring us with NO GOOD DEED.  As your mother always told you, no good deed goes unpunished and thats exactly what happens to Taraji P. Hensons Terry in NO GOOD DEED.

    A spellbinding, rich visual dynamic with saturation of color and light/shadow fuels the performances of Henson and Elba and the terrifying suspense of NO GOOD DEED.



    You know them.  You love them.  You have a kick-ass time with them.  And theyre back! Bigger and badder than ever, THE EXPENDABLES 3 has you breathless within the first 10 minutes, setting the stage for the most explosive film of the year.

    The third installment in this highly successful franchise finds the single largest cast of action stars from the past 30-plus years ever assembled in one film. Once again led by Sylvester Stallone and returning fellow action heroes, Schwarzenegger, Statham, Lundgren, Crews, Couture and Li, joining Stallones corner are Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammer and Antonio Banderas while Mel Gibson is the bad guy to end all bad guys (theres something about seeing Riggs vs. Rocky/Rambo that is too delicious for words).  Rounding out the already action-packed muscle-bound might of the EXPENDABLES is the youthful vigor, energy and 21st century hi-tech savvy of Kellan Lutz, Victor Ortiz, Glenn Powell and Ronda Rousey, who are poised to become heirs apparent to the franchise and the action genre. 

    To put is bluntly - THE EXPENDABLES 3 IS BEYOND BADASS!!!!



    Long have we heard the old adage that marriage is hell, but what about the honeymoon?  Thanks to first time writer/director Leigh Janiak and HONEYMOON, couples may now want to start rethinking their own post-marital celebrations as Janiak gives new meaning to honeymoon hell and marital bliss. 

    Deconstructing a relationship thanks to over-zealous paranoia and that omnipresent question, How well do you know the person you married?, Janiak and co-writer Phil Graziadei deliver an intriguing story fueled by doubt and uncertainty, hesitancy and fear, while creating suspense and tension with a sinister slow burn.



    One of the most indelible and adorable characters to emerge as a scene-stealer in Marvels GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is Groot.  Diehard Marvel Comics fans first met Groot (aka Monarch of Planet X) back in 1960 when he appeared in Tales to Astonish Issue 13.  Described as an  extraterrestrial, sentient tree-like creature Groot was originally an invader, capturing humans for experimentation.  By 2006, Groot crossed over to the Marvel Comics Annihilation: Conquest, reconfigured to be heroic and joining the Guardians team.  Since then Groot has appeared in a multitude of Marvel formats from comic books to cartoons to merchandising and even trading cards.  But we have never seen or experienced the Groot we now see in James Gunns universe and thats all due to Vin Diesel - the voice, and the heart, of Groot.

    "There was something very therapeutic, in my personal life and my professional life, after dealing with death, playing a character that celebrates life, in the way that Groot celebrates life.
    There was something very therapeutic, in my personal life and my professional life, after dealing with death, playing a character that celebrates life, in the way that Groot celebrates life. - See more at:
    There was something very therapeutic, in my personal life and my professional life, after dealing with death, playing a character that celebrates life, in the way that Groot celebrates life. - See more at:



    With a beguiling adorable awkwardness,  first time screenwriter/director Stuart Murdoch puts a song in your heart and a spring in your step with the oh-so-lovely, GOD HELP THE GIRL.  Lead singer-songwriter of the Scottish pop/rock group Belle & Sebastian, Murdoch makes the jump to film with a musical that is truly a musical, with songs and their lyrics built into the story and dialogue, harkening to Hollywoods Golden Age or even the Peter Webb directed Paul McCartney vehicle, Give My Regards to Broad Street or The Beatles A Hard Days Night.   Tapping into the ideal of music as the common denominator of the world, with the opening scene and eye-catching number, Act of the Apostle, Murdoch strikes an easy chord thanks to not only his easy-breezy yet thematically telling pop tunes (which you will be humming as you leave the theatre) but with a youthful exuberant cast who act, sing, dance and yes, do all their own vocals.

    GOD HELP THE GIRL is quite simply, divine intervention.


    Bob Ladouceur, Terry Eidson & the De La Salle Spartans:
           Magic, Miracle or Hard Work and Values?

    Is it magic?  Is it a miracle?  Or is it just good old-fashioned hard work and values?  Whatever it is, together Bob Ladouceur and Terry Eidson coached the De La Salle High School Spartans to an unbelievable 151 game winning streak.  Thats 12 years of football; the span of one students formative education from first through twelfth grades.  Its a record that has never been achieved by any other team in any sport, be it professional, college or high school, and likely never will be anytime soon. 

    And it's the men behind the team, Coach Bob "Lad" Ladouceur and Assistant Coach Terry Eidson, who are now front and center in WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL with Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis tackling their story.  So, just what is "their story"?


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